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What   the   Dark   Mages'   Division   is   about

The dark mage's of the FoL are masters of the dark magic. The learn the ways of dark magic use it to their magic. Long straining hours are spent training for this. They work on the next level, re-define effort and try their hardest. The Dark Mages are almost a higher class of people in the FoL. They, if in a battle, are protected by the warriors and spies. They can cast spells as attacks are taken by the warriors.

A   note   from   the   DL   High   wizard   in   the   Dark   mages   division

Theis position is not filled yet, to apply for it. Please contact Greymoon17.

A   note   from   the   DC   Wizard   from   the   Dark   Mages   Division

Theis position is not filled yet. To apply for this position please contact greymoon17.


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