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Spars and other matches

In the FoL we trust the people enough that we do not require a log to be sent to us. To report kills and wins just mail or although if it is a slave match or a release match then you may want to keep a log if it so that you can proove that you won.

What   we're   about

The FoL is about it's members. In this guild we do not ask for someone to recruit a thousand members or to die for us..actually we'll never ask you to die it's not that important to us. But we might ask you to attend meetings or to join in tourneys. We are a neutral light guild and want to have peace with everyone. We are just here to have a good time and protect it's members. The leaders of the guild are Greymoon17 and (yes they are 2 diffrent people) They have meetings or consult everyday and consult with the other guild members, especially the DLs and DCs, as much as possible. If you have questions about what the guild is about mail or IM either one of them.


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