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~Fellowships   of   light   members   page~

This page contains information about our members their dice and information about them. Although I update this site often it may be outdated. It is best to check after Fridays or the weekend.

 The fthing is the e-mail/screen name
 GL stands fot Guild leader
 DL stands for division leader
 DC stands for division Captain
 the text in "quotes" is their job
 then there is their dice to recive
 the UAC or UGC dice of then 
 the #d## stands for their dice
 Screen Name- Abb. "Occupation" Name

~Members   of   FoL~

 Greymoon17-GL DL "spy" Nimbel Stonewolf 3d60 "Diplomat" Erdrick Lakeview No dice
 CyraLh- DC "Trainer" Cyra Lockheart 3d35
 Belanna14- DL "Enchantress" Circe 3d45
 Xpac810- "Warrior" Godzilla 3d30
 Adidas7699- "Warrior" Zeuse 3d30
 JF1415- DC spy"Spy/warrior" Renegade Regular 3d30
 DCF00- DL "warrior" Richie 3d45

Councils   and   contacts

If you need help learing how to spar or any other thigs concerning battles contact CyraLh. If you have a question about the quild or what it's about click the link "What FoL is about" below or contact greymoon17 or Any other questions contact greymoon17.

There are 3 councils that meet from time to time.

The White council: (deplomatic relationships and wars] Greymoon17 Belanna14 DCF00

The Grand Council: All DCs and DLs

The Guild Council: All guild members


Guild Homepage:
Understanding FoL: