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A   note   from   the   Guild   Leader


This is greymoon17 how are all of you?? This is just a always I encourage you to go crazy out there in Rhydin, but I do want you to remember there is a diffrence between crazy and offensive. Remember when you are you there that YOU are representing FoL. Please have fun but try to stop people from warring the FoL. -=smiles=- Other than that have a great time.

A   Note   From   the   Diplomatic   Relations   Officer

I am the Diplomatic Relations Officer of the FoL. I keep track of the achievements you complete. I will keep track of the spar kills and deaths of FoL members. I also keep track of experience points and dice rolls.

Allies   and   Enemys

We have no enemys as of 6-18-98

We have 1 ally as of 6-18-98 

TDoR-Good relations


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